Exams. Ugh. Am I right? I don't think any of us look back on exams and think, "Wheeee!". Well, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, but aside from him...blech. Even kids that love school can feel stress, so how do you help 'em out? Make sure they're getting the right fuel for their day.

This is some information I ran across while reading up on Austin's Sumner Elementary School, for the second year, the healthiest school in Minnesota, and one of the healthiest schools in America (by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation). Very impressive. What's it mean? According to their website,

Schools that receive this award meet best practice criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and outlined in the Healthy Schools Program Framework of Best Practice Criteria.

Kudos to the team at Sumner, I know it takes everyone to make this work and to create such a healthy environment.


Don't Cram, Study Then Sleep. A good night of sleep doesn't just recharge the body, it's the body's time to do a system checkup, disc defrag, and reboot. Sounds like a silly way to say it, but kids need a lot of sleep because they're learning so much, the brain needs to have time to lock it in.

Chad Mcdermott

Eat A Healthy Breakfast.  The key is to eat a breakfast that'll fuel you during the morning exams. You want something that'll slowly release carbohydrates, like whole grain bread. Add a protein, like eggs to keep you feeling full, and you're off.

Exercise for 20 Minutes Before Exams. One study showed an immediate increase in attention and memory after just one exercise session (source).

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