A few weeks ago, Rochester had the biggest hide & seek game ever(You can read that story here).  A local business heard about the items that a child with cancer lost and what happened as a result of a few social media posts and friends sharing the info with others they know, well, it is...truly amazing!

A quick recap: Hunter, a 4th grader in Rochester who has been so strong as he has been fighting cancer, lost his leg braces at a park in Rochester on the last day of school.  We helped spread the word that these were missing and a few leads came in where these might be...

UPDATE: The braces were indeed left at the park. A lady did find them and attempt to return them to Lincoln, but it was closed.
They are attempting to locate the lady now, but have not been successful yet as she is without a place to stay. Fingers crossed she can be located, and still has them or knows where they are.

While the search was going on, a local business in Rochester found out through the grapevine that Hunter was needing new leg braces.  Limb Lab specializes in exactly what Hunter needs and reached out to the family and offered to provide new leg braces for Hunter.

Check out the photos of Hunter getting fitted for his new leg braces at Limb Lab!

New leg braces for Hunter

I so wanted some acknowledgment to the Limb Lab for helping Hunter. There are few words to express our sincere appreciation to them for their generosity & compassion. Mr. Hall truly works from the heart & has a gift for helping others heal. - Lisa, Hunter's mom

People sharing, searching and spreading the word, and a company showing generosity and kindness...that is community.  #makesmyhearthappy #community

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