JUST ANNOUNCED: Crumbl Cookies grand opening in Rochester, Minnesota is August 13th!

You may want to sit down for this news.  Ok, actually, we may all need to go get a gym membership and start running on a treadmill because the grand opening for Crumbl Cookies in Rochester, Minnesota has been announced.

Aaron Galloway
Aaron Galloway

Everything you need to know about Crumbl Cookies in Rochester, Minnesota

If you missed what the hype is all about, you can get up to speed at the story I wrote here about Crumbl Cookies coming to Rochester at 2665 Commerce Drive NW Suite 200.

Here's the Grand Opening info that was just posted by Crumbl Cookies in Rochester on their Facebook event page:

Hello Rochester👋 🍪
Introducing, Crumbl Cookies. You are about to experience cookies like never before.
Friday August 13th, 8am - Midnight, GRAND OPENING!
We will be celebrating all weekend. *Cookies will be full price*
📅 ROTATING MENU - new cookies weekly
🚗 DELIVERY - cookies to your door
🖤 CURBSIDE PICK-UP - cookies to your car
🏠 TAKEOUT - cookies made fresh in our open kitchen

Want to take a peek at their cookies ahead of time?  Take a look at their website here or Facebook page here.

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