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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Not only was it dry in the Rochester area during June - it was also pretty warm.

In fact, numbers show it was the second-warmest June on record for the city.

The National Weather Service says the average temperature at Rochester International Airport was 73-degrees for the month of June. The only June that was hotter was 1933 (73.9°F).

The city experienced 90 degree days on nine days, about a third of the month. The NWS says multiple temperature records were set or tied during the first 11 days of the month and this contributed to a notable record - it was the city’s warmest first half of June ever.

It was also bone-dry the first half of the month.

No rain was recorded at the airport until June 17th. This helped jumpstart the drought the Rochester area has been dealing with in recent weeks. The city’s precipitation total for the month was 1.46 inches - making it the 7th driest June on record.

Temperature Highlights

  • During June 2021, the average temperature at Rochester International Airport was 73°F. This was 5.5°F warmer than the 1991-2020 normal of 67.5°F. This was the 2nd hottest June. The only June that was hotter was 1933 (73.9°F). Multiple temperatures records were set or tied during the first 11 days of the month. There were 2 record highs (1 tied and 1 new record) and 5 record warm lows (4 tied and 1 new record). Another record warm low was tied on June 24.
  • During the first 15 days of June, the temperature averaged 75.5 degrees (9.7°F above the 1991-2021 normal). This was the warmest first half of a June. The previous record was 72.5°F in 2017.
  • 9 days had high temperatures of 90°F or hotter. This was tied with 1931 and 1988 for 7th most in a June and the most since 1988. The most in a June was 14 days in 1933 and 1934.
  • 11 days had low temperatures of 65°F or warmer. This was tied with 1991 and 2005 for the most in a June.
  • The warmest temperature was 95°F on June 5 and June 10. These were the warmest June temperatures since 2011 (101°F on June 7).
  • The coldest temperature was 46°F on June 21.

Precipitation Highlights

  • A total of 1.46" of rain fell during June. This was 3.89" drier than the 1991-2020 normal of 5.35". This made it the 7th driest June and the driest since 1985 (0.94" - 2nd driest).
  • The wettest day was 0.82" on June 20.
  • The moderate (D1) drought which began in late April 2020 continued through the month of June.


Record Highs

  • June 4 - 93°F - Tied with 1934
  • June 5 - 95°F - Previous Record 94°F in 1934

Warmest Low Records

  • June 5 - 69°F - Previous Record 65°F in 1942 and 1968
  • June 6 - 68°F - Tied with 2011
  • June 9 - 69°F - Tied with 2012
  • June 10 - 69°F - Tied with 1920 and 2017
  • June 11 - 71°F - Tied with 1954
  • June 24 - 71°F - Tied with 1954

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