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This is the story of a businessman that feels blessed and is paying it forward right here in Rochester, Minnesota. His name is Spike Stephen, you may know him from Brothers Bar & Grill (try the country fried steak omelet!), and he's sharing his stimulus check.

The other day on his Facebook page he said he received two great gifts, one someone sharing stimulus money with him. Another, in the mail came the 50th Anniversary Edition CD of American Beauty by the Grateful Dead (nice!).

Some of you might remember a post that I put out yesterday wondering what to do with my stimulus check of $600.... Now I know exactly what I have to do with it...

Starting tomorrow I am going to find 6 people that I call Friends and hand off a $100 Bill to them Without any questions and make their day just like my day was made by these 2 gifts that I received from friends...

So true to his word, he shared $200 with a bartender. Who's next? Who knows...but I love the example he's setting. Not about the money, that's awesome, for sure. The example of passing on the love.

There's a lot of Love to give out in this Crazy World And I suggest we all do it....My eyes have been opened because of 2 people today and to Pay it Forward and ill be Glad to do it...Peace and Blues to Everybody (Spike Stephen)

Do you know someone that's putting love and goodness out into the world? Let me know, email below.

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These are so great, especially the one about bingo!

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