Every day, parents are faced with questions that we don't always have answers to...and we need some help.  I know my kids didn't come with an instruction book and there are some BIG parenting questions where it would be nice to get some help.  That's when we go to our friends, our own parents...our tribe.

"Help A Mother Out" is that tribe for so many moms here in Rochester.  Every Wednesday we talk about a question and then let the tribe right here help her out.  This past week, this is the question that came in:

"My 12-year-old boy was invited to go to the movies with some friends this weekend. I am learning that it isn't cool if the parents sit nearby...or in the theatre at all. I guess it is a thing that parents just drop off their kids. Can someone help me out though? Is 12 too young to do that or do the theatres have a policy on this? First-timer on this." - Mom that just isn't sure what to do

This is one of those tough ones!  I've got three kids of my own (17, 13, and 11) and this is one that I would have a different answer for every one of my kids...because they are all different.

Check out the answers that other parents gave over on the Y-105FM Facebook page!  Who knows, their answers might even help you out too.


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