Earlier this week, Rochester Public Schools and the Rochester Police Department presented information to the community about school and online safety.  The video is now available to view and we've included that below, along with a question to think about now that summer vacation is getting close.

As a parent with three kids, I learned a lot from the meeting on Tuesday.  I would love to know that every parent has this info but I know that there are still many families that need this information to help keep their child safe.  These are serious issues facing our kids today and you can help share this information so all families can be informed.

Does this apply to just school and home?  This is info that isn't just limited to school and home though.  Soon, school will be out for the summer and many of our kids will be at camps during the day.  Ask those facilities that are taking care of your kids the tough questions about online security, ratio of those working vs. kids being cared for, filtering and software in place if the internet is used, and if kids are allowed to use devices during the day.  Be confident in knowing that your children are receiving the best care...and today, stranger danger means a lot more than someone lurking at a park.

The video (below) covers a variety of topics, including:

  • What we can do as parents to help our kids stay safe online
  • Vaping and the dangers associated with this fast-growing trend among our teenagers.  Greg Marx, the John Marshall Police Liaison shares some new things to look for and the video includes some helpful pictures for parents.
  • The Rochester Public School District shared information on what they are doing in the schools and it includes an extensive list of information.
  • There was also time for questions and answers, which many that were shared during the presentation are included.  Some of those questions include the following:
    • Q.  Why do some middle schools and high schools share an officer?
    • Q.  What mental health resources are available for students?
    • Q.  Are drug dogs used on campus (schools)?
    • Q.  What can parents do to improve security at the schools?
    • Q.  What resources are available for students that are solicited online or involved with sexting?

Other Tips & Resources:  You can also find a list of resources that parents can use to help keep their kids safe while online - which were taken from this meeting and an online site suggested by the Rochester Police Department.  You can find that list here:  Rochester Police Department Shares Tips On How To Keep Kids Safe Online.  Rochester Public Schools shared their handouts from the meeting which you can find at this link.

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