I do not understand why people have to be nasty to people who have nothing to do with this.

I've received it, you've probably received it, but maybe no group of people receives more regular and unjustified verbal attacks over Covid-19 than people in the service industry. I'm talking about mask mandates, and the anger directed toward people that have nothing to do with the decision no sense to me.

Bad Customers Are Nothing New

In Rochester, Minnesota, and around the region, state, and nation, social media gives us a regular dose of horrible customers. People are being so mean to employees they cry, need a counselor, and/or quit their jobs. This is nothing new, a certain percentage of customers have always been poopy. It seems amped up, doesn't it?

"Jerk-head-crap-face" is what I call them on the air. It's a tougher phrase than Dough-Head, which means someone doing something dumb, but not at all malicious. JHCF's, on the other hand, are malicious. And in 2022, business owner and community leader Natalie Victoria shouldn't have to write a plea for grace, but she did, and it's great.

Natalie Victoria Asks for Grace


The City of Rochester has issued an Emergency Mask Requirement. We all know the divisiveness of this topic. Many will happily comply. Some may not.
As a business owner...specifically a restaurant business owner...we are facing a very difficult few weeks. Along with the many challenges we currently face: shortage of help - rising food costs - natural slow pace of the winter months - Covid variants -

We are also faced with enforcing people to wear masks. Should be easy...right?
As a concerned citizen of this community, I am asking you to allow grace in these times. We will do our absolute best, without causing World War III, to help keep our community safe. I can positively say I speak for many restaurant owners. Some are just trying to keep their doors open. This will be stressful.

Please. Be. Kind Rochester.

I picked up food last night from Victorias (they were doing a benefit for Rochester's Nordic Ski Team...because Victoria's is like that). Everyone was in compliance, I didn't see any JHCF's lurking, and I was relieved. Perhaps this time more people will show the grace these times so desperately require.

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A Direct Message to the Non-Grace-Givers

Ummm...yer Weiner is sticking out...Giulio Fornasar / ThinkStock
Ummm...yer Weiner is sticking out...Giulio Fornasar / ThinkStock

Stop and think about what you hope to accomplish. Would someone yelling, swearing, and/or treating you with a complete disregard for your feelings be able to convince you of anything? If your answer is, "Of course not!" please, in the name of all that's holy, stop using that technique on others.

A comment on Natalie Victoria's post said something that sums it up well...

I do not understand why people have to be nasty to people who have nothing to do with this. You are doing your best to comply with what you’ve been given. It’s ridiculous that people can’t be respectful of that.

And, for the record, don't be nasty to the people that DO have something to do with this. You will accomplish nothing.


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