Many of us are staying at home due to the coronavirus but if you are like me or my daughter, you are "essential".  I have days when I still drive in to work to get a few things done in the studio and on one of my latest drives, I saw something new and colorful...and it just made me happy inside.

On my way to work, I saw some amazing art on the windows of Pittsburgh Blue and Bleu Duck in downtown Rochester.  Huge displays of colorful hearts were in their windows and it just made me smile.

I'm not driving around in neighborhoods, just going to and from work, so I wondered if others were seeing hearts too?  So, I sent a note out through the Y-105FM app and found out, lots of neighborhoods are seeing hearts!  Check out all of the photos that were sent in and if you want to see more or add your business or house photos, just click here.

#WorldOfHearts in Rochester

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