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The Salvation Army in Minnesota is deploying four staff members / volunteers to help in the Louisiana Hurricane Ida recovery efforts. One of those staff members is from here in Rochester.

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According to Rebecca Snap, Director of Community Engagement for the Salvation Army of Rochester, Minnesota,

"All four members of this team are women, three from the Twin Cities, one from Rochester. They leave this Sunday, the 12th, and return to Minnesota on September 24th.

This is the first deployment of a team from our area to aid those impacted by Hurricane Ida. It is not necessarily the last team that will be sent from Minnesota this year."

Snap also says the four will be assigned to a Salvation Army canteen when they get there. Keep updated by checking their Facebook page (link below).

Who is the Rochester woman joining the other three? Rebecca Snap herself.

Rebecca Snap and James Rabe
Rebecca Snap and James Rabe

Support Salvation Army Disaster Relief

If you'd like to donate to help the Salvation Army as they work helping people recover from Hurricane Ida, here's what you need to know.

How will The Salvation Army use my disaster donation?

Salvation Army Disaster Relief
Salvation Army Disaster Relief
  • The Salvation Army uses 100% of all disaster donations to support disaster relief. Your donation may be used to provide food and drinks, baby, hygiene, cleaning and other emergency supplies, or direct financial assistance to disaster survivors.
  • Donations may also support long-term recovery programs (including repair and reconstruction programs) or to support disaster relief workers serving in impacted communities.
  • The Salvation Army NEVER places an administrative fee on disaster donations.

For more information, visit www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org.

49 Photos from Hurricane Ida Damage in Louisiana

The Salvation Army of Minnesota is sending four staff and volunteers to Louisiana to help with the Hurricane Ida recovery. Natural disasters seem so commonplace anymore, but each one of these photos tells us just how hard their reality is.

Salvation Army Hurricane Ida Relief Facts as of 09/08/2021

Getty Images
Getty Images

All this info gets updated daily HERE.

Food Service

  • 207290 Meals
  • 131288 Drinks
  • 50154 Snacks
  • 38 Active Mobile Feeding Units

Product Distributed

  • 181 Cleaning Supplies / Tools (per order)
  • 3494 Comfort / Hygiene Kits (per kit)
  • 133 Water (per case)

Plus - 

  • 192 Disaster Workers have given 12022 hours of service
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care to 9184 people

The Rochester Salvation Army Can Use Water Please

Donations of bottled water are much needed at The Salvation Army Social Services Center at 115 First Avenue NE.


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