I was wondering why I couldn't find this one movie.

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Roger Moore passed away the other day at 89 from cancer.

Mom and Dad's first date was dinner and Dr. No. We never talked about it, I just guessed that Dad was a Sean Connery fan. The "no-nonsense" Bond. I think if the Grim Reaper ever comes for him, Connery will kick his butt first.

Mom and my sister are Roger Moore fans.I'd have to say Moore is the Adam West of the James Bond series. The death-traps, gadgets and stories are pretty out there. At the end of his first Bond movie, he inflates the bad guy until he pops! One of the bad guys had steel teeth and was called Jaws. The title of one of his films in the '80's was Octopussy.

Moore admitted he stayed with the character longer than he probably should have. As the third Bond, he made the most movies. As far as playing the character the longest, Daniel Craig is actually catching up to him in tenure.

When I heard he passed away, I thought I'd watch one or two of my favorites. Probably one of my favorites is the one he made with Christopher Lee and Herve Villechaize. The Man With the Golden Gun. Mom has all the Bond films in a couple of collections. It's not in any of them. It's not available to stream on Netflix or Hulu. I stopped in to Family Video on Elton Hills Drive a while back looking for it and they didn't have it on the shelf. I just thought it was out of print for some reason.

So, I threw that question out on Facebook.

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How cool is that! I wasn't trying to call them out on anything, just wanted to give them a shout-out. Like I said, I just thought the movie was out of print or something. I'm kinda old school, I like going to the video store and walking up and down the aisles. Kinda like going to the book store.

When's the last time you had awesome customer service like this? You were looking for something, asked for help, and the person went above and beyond for you? Shout that out in the comments!


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