Rochester, Minnesota has a ton of hidden, spooky treasures all over that are perfect for celebrating the scariest holiday of them all - Halloween!  Ghosts, spooky hallways, and elevators, cemeteries are some of the most horrifying areas of town and the haunted trolley is ready to take you to see them all. 😱

Rochester Trolley Website
Rochester Trolley Website

One of the Spookiest Attractions This Halloween is The Trolley of Doom in Rochester, Minnesota

If horror movies scare you, you may want to stop reading.  Just kidding...the Haunted Trolley Tour, aka Trolley of Doom, isn’t that scary but here are a few details that might make you shiver.

Join your grave-robber Ghost Host guide aboard the "Trolley of Doom" for an evening ride through Rochester's darker sides. The Haunted Rochester Trolley Tour offers guests an evening adventure exploring the city's strange and macabre past -- with tales of grave-robbing, unsolved murder, mystery and mayhem as you travel past or visit many of the city's most haunted, most tragic, and sacred sites.

Step aboard the "Trolley of Doom" and let your Ghost Host guide you on unforgettable adventure into the unknown ... if you dare!

- Rochester Trolley & Tours Company website

Here's a sneak peek at some of the stops the trolley might be making this year:

The Spookiest Spots in Rochester, Minnesota

Did you know that Rochester, Minnesota has quite a few spooky spots that are perfect for celebrating the freakiest month of them all? Rumor is that we have ghosts, spooky hallways and elevators, and a haunted trolley is ready to take you to see all the horrifying areas of town. 😱. Grab your tickets here and get ready to visit all of these spooky spots around town.

Rochester's Lead Paranormal Investigator will also lead you on a ghost-hunting demonstration

You might get goosebumps with this bit of news but on the tour, Ghost Host Dr. Hawk Harvath will also demonstrate ghost-hunting equipment and techniques.  He is known as Rochester's lead paranormal investigator and will even perform an actual mini-investigation with the group on one of the sites that are on the tour.

Grab Your Tickets for the Trolley of Doom in Rochester!

Check the availability of dates and grab your e-tickets for the Trolley of Doom in Rochester at

Rochester Trolley website
Rochester Trolley website

Do you know of another fun event happening in Southeast Minnesota that is a bit on the spooky side? 

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