Halloween is coming,make sure all those ghosts, goblins, superheroes, princesses, and many others are safe while out on their trick or treating adventures!

For some kids, especially all those candy lovers, Halloween is one of biggest, most exciting events of the year! It is a time you can be someone else for a night, and just have fun!
However, trick or treating can be dangerous, if parents and kids aren’t careful!

Here are a few simple safety tips,
According to a post on www.rd.com, (Reader’s Digest)

Plan a route in advance.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Stay well-lit! (wear reflective tape on your costume, bring a flashlight, or a glowstick)
Make sure costumes are short, an appropriate length.
Avoid any type of masks! (use face paint instead)
Use flexible props, try to avoid weapons.(preferably rubber or plastic accessories)
And of course, the fun part,always sort through the candy, throwing away anything not in it’s original wrapper, or partially opened.

Here is a safety tip that I recall from my Trick or Treating days, only go to homes that have a front light on!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!