Scott Knowlton saw this online leak of a Superbowl commercial and noticed the phone number scribbled onto this memo pad.  He thought to himself, hmmm, I'm gonna call it.   Not something I would think to do, but it's a good thing he did!  He won Superbowl tickets for being the first caller!  

Scott was doing some research for an upcoming story, he produces online videoclips.   As it turns out, it was an embedded 'easter egg' if you will... a secret message, and a secret contest that he figured out.


Scott Knowlton/Buzz 60 Producer [Source is Link][/caption]Obviously he figured it out when he was told, you're going to the Superbowl!  After he got through, the number received over a thousand calls, but they were too late.

I would bet Jenny, 867-5309 still gets called.  I don't think they have any prizes, but then again, you never know, do ya?

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