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Beer, Wine, Brats & Music Happening in Austin, Minnesota!

Get ready Southeast Minnesota!  Beer, wine, brats, live music, and nights full of fun are happening in Austin, Minnesota and your ticket to be part of the Foodie Throwdown is just a click away.

6 fun celebrations happening in Austin for Foodie Throwdown Tribute Week

Every night during the week of May 10th, a tasty celebration is happening in Austin, Minnesota and it is all for a good cause. Check out the 6 events happening for Foodie Throwdown Tribute Week at the Hormel Historic Home. Proceeds from the daily events will help support the Hormel Historic Home, which is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

How to purchase tickets for the Hormel Historic Home Foodie Throwdown

If you'd love to get in on the throwdown, hurry because tickets are limited and you must pre-purchase those.  Buy those right now here or learn more at their Facebook page.  

What is the Hormel Historic Home?

Back in the 1800's, George Hormel founded Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota.  The home that he and his wife, Lillian Hormel, occupied is now called the Hormel Historic Home.  According to their website, the house was built in 1871 and is now used to preserve the home and history of the family.  They are also a community resource "with a mission to maintain the home and to honor the family legacy of Hospitality, Music, Education, and community service through meaningful programming and outreach."  In 2010, they expanded their outreach to include Autism Programming for families in the Austin area.

If you love the charm and classic beauty of old homes, you'll love this one too!

There are so many gorgeous homes throughout Southeast Minnesota that feature details and character that you will only see in homes built decades and centuries ago.  Although not as old as the Hormel Historic Home, there is another home that is now used as a B&B that truly is a classic.  Keep scrolling to see photos of that masterpiece.

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