Are you ready for the next Star Wars movie?

Alberto E. Rodriguez

Filming has started on Star Wars 8, and it will be in theaters December 2017! CNN is reporting that Laura Dern, Beneicio Del Tor and newcomer Kelly Marie Tran have joined the cast.

There is some surprising news. Harrison Ford will not be returning as Han Solo in Star Wars 8. There are actually some people that are confused and surprised by this news!

Unlike Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, Ford didn't sign on for all three films in the original trilogy. He didn't think Han Solo would catch on, and didn't think he'd be back for the sequels. So he signed on picture by picture. So, in The Empire Strikes Back, when he was frozen in carbonite, he wasn't expecting to be back for The Return of the Jedi. That probably kept him open for other projects, like playing Indiana Jones; and the possibility of a larger paycheck. That all probably came from the fact that he kind of accidentally got the part. He was doing construction work for George Lucas, and was asked at the last minute to read lines with Fisher. The had great chemistry right from the start.

Have a look at the teaser preview for the movie, and try to remember to pace your excitement.