We have the technology... do you have what it takes to master it and be the hero the world needs right now?

Do you remember driver's ed? I do. Summer course. Mr Rudy Mosca was the instructor. Powder blue shorts, dress shoes, and knee-high dress socks. Not kidding. He may have been wearing it to be funny, but how do you ask a BrylCream guy that kinda question?

Grumpy Faced Old Man
Cameron Whitman

Anyway... he taught us about this device. It's on EVERY car. Mandated by law, even. But, somewhere between the 80's and now, they stopped teaching about it. I had no idea. I think the car companies are behind it. Trying to hide this vital technology from us. Arrrrgh! The only reason this State Trooper knew about it was the power of handing down legends from generation to generation.

Well, no more. When I found a video on the topic, I know I had to share it in hopes of saving America. (The President even mentioned it in the State of the Union last night!).

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