In early January it was reported that Strikers Corner in Stewartville was set to close, but Saturday morning exciting news was released that the bowling alley was purchased and will reopen under new ownership.

The bowling alley will reopen as 2 Brothers Bar n Grill, according to a Facebook Page created by the new owners, Seth and Sam Stier. The Stier brothers are also current owners of another Stewartville bar and restaurant, The DownUnder Bar & Grill

Here are some frequently asked questions that the new owners have received, and answered on their Facebook Page.

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Q: "Is the bowling alley going to remain open?"
A: "Yes, that is certainly the plan. In the coming weeks, we intend to get the right people in place to ensure the bowling communities standards are met."

Q: "Is The DownUnder staying open?"
A: "Of course, it's our baby! The DU will continue to operate as normal. Some minor changes may come."

Q: "Are you taking applications yet?"
A: "Application are printed out and available at The DownUnder starting today."

Q: "Will you have the same menu at both places?"
A: "Negative. We're already working on new menu items for the opening."

As someone who grew up in Stewartville, this is fantastic news. The Stier family has already run a tremendous business with the DownUnder, and I know many people in the community and the surrounding area are excited to see the bowling alley open with their leadership later this year.

A new "Grand Opening Date" will be announced at a later date.


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