It's an unusual drive, but there's a pretty good reason behind it. According to Katie Young, the Family Consumer Science teacher at Stewartville High School says their classroom kitchens are in deep need of new tools. Each year about 225 kids go thru the classroom and for good reason.

In an e-mail, Katie said,

The world of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is vastly growing and we need students to have real-life skills to help fill these jobs.

The kitchen classroom also teaches kids some surprising things, like teamwork, how to be kind and understand each other (in a kitchen, you have to be able to work close quarters!), and how to link things they're learning in school to real-world situations. Like math. Kathy says, "I do love the moments when students have the lightbulb moments of seeing how they will/can use math in everyday life whether the be in cutting a recipe in half or knowing measurements are fractions!"


The classroom's partnered with Pampered Chef, which can be kind of expensive since they need 7-15 of many items. So please, click HERE, and get 'em what you can. Maybe it's one cookie sheet or 7 pocket thermometers. No matter what you can give, it'll go to GREAT use for many many years. Remember the deadline is May 21st.


Q @ A WITH KATIE YOUNG from SHS Family Consumer Science

I love this kind of program, how old is it? Joyce Stacy had this job before, for 35 years, plus my 7.

That's a bunch of years...has SHS always had a kitchen classroom? Yes! For a while we had two kitchen rooms - one was set up with restaurant grade appliances and fridges and equipment for the Occupational foods program which a teacher was certified to teach. They ran a restaurant at lunchtime. The law used to require us to teach classes in all six areas of Home Ec to get Vocational funding

What do the students look forward to cooking/baking? Is there a favorite? Students look forward to getting up and moving around while completing the labs. One major perk is they get to eat the product they produce!

I'll bet!  Tell me one of your favorite stories about a student. A former student who completed a culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu is working at Walt Disney World in Orlando FL. Taking some of the skills she learned in her foods classes and from family has given her the drive to work in a high pace job at WDW.

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