Hey, how are ya feelin' today? Make it through the day alright? Did you think about taking a "mental health" day? How many people actually use a sick day, or tough it out and go in when they're under the weather?

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I think the last time I used a sick day was last Spring. I came down with a cold and my voice was shot. Happens at least once a year. I drink lemon tea with honey, with either a Dayquil (tm) or Nyquil (tm) chaser. I carry a box of Kleenex (tm) in one hand and a can of Lysol (tm) in the other.

Science has found that most people will still go into work sick. 85% asked say that's what they do. Even though 82% of companies and 42% of co-workers say they'd rather a sick co-worker keep their contagious germs at home.

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"Dave, are you sick again?"
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36% of those that do go into work sick say they feel well enough; 32% didn't want to fall behind.

And then you have the slackers. People that call in sick to play hooky. The ones you wonder if they're really getting the most out of a "mental health" day. Career Builder just release its annual list of the most redonkulous sick day excuses of the year. The weirdest excuse? This has to be my favorite: a guy called in sick because he had to be a pallbearer at the funeral of his wife's cousin's PET. Now, is that really a sick day, or is that three days PTO for bereavement?

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