We've had enough recalls lately and this last one with romaine gave me a new perspective.

I didn't even know we had a recall on romaine.  I was planning on what we were going to bring to Thanksgiving and since I eat Caesar salad basically every day, romaine was on the grocery list that I texted to my daughter (she drives...which is an awesome perk of having a teenager!).

I was on the radio, doing the show for Y105FM, and I got a text back from my daughter that said, "Mom, there is no salad.  The shelves are empty.".

First of all...what?!  Second...who is eating all of my salad?

Those were my thoughts and after the confusion went away, I read the news that is basically on the screen in front of me at work.  Yep.  Recall.  Again.

I could be mad at whoever tainted my food but that wasn't going to bring my romaine back so instead, I was thankful...and I shared that thanks in my own way.  ;)  I added a few fun thank you notes about the recall to my Facebook and Instagram page...because that is where you can find me just being real and apparently thankful for recalls.  (If you aren't already on my pages...here are the links, just in case you want to.  Jessica's Instagram page link  - and - Jessica's Facebook page link)

As you read the thank you note below, be sure to get the "thank you" note melody in your head that Jimmy Fallon has on his show.  It helps.

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