Wouldn't it be amazing if we could just say, "Hey Google, how do I parent Child A in this situation that will be a successful outcome for all and not involve a meltdown...especially in the middle of Target?".  It would but I haven't seen that as a feature yet for Google Home or Alexa so for now, we are going to help each other out.

Every Wednesday on Y-105FM, we help a mom out, and this time, we had a mom who was a bit frustrated that every time she went to get something in the fridge, it was gone...or sitting there basically empty.  There is no fridge fairy and this was happening over and over all summer and she was fed up.  So, she asked us if YOU could help her out...give her some tips on how to help her kids and family communicate with her about what is needed on that grocery list.

I go to the fridge and once again...no milk, zero eggs, and there are two crumbs in the box of crackers.  Help!  What do other moms do to keep track of what groceries need to be bought or even how to teach my kids (and husband) to let me know WHAT needs to be bought? - Mom that had dry cereal for breakfast again and is tired of it!

The #1 tip that came in through the Y-105FM App, phone calls to the studio, and on Facebook was...the Cozi app.

Kelly Amunrud said on the Y-105FM Facebook page, "Cozi app it’s amazing! Everyone has access and can add to it. Then it’s on your phone and you won’t forget your list!"

I've been a mom for a bit now and I haven't heard of this app.  If it will make my life easier though and is free, I'm all over it.  After doing some research myself, I found out that the Cozi app is not only free but according to the website, it can help you keep events and activities all in one place, keep and share your grocery list with all family members, store recipes and help with meal planning.

Help This Mom out!  Is there a question you would like some help with?  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.  I’d love to hear your questions and we can keep it anonymous too!

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