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When it comes to snarky online responses, this Minnesota office of the National Weather Service was on point over the weekend.

Among the many things that make us proud about living here in the Land of 10,000 (Now Frozen) Lakes is our ability to withstand just about all kinds of weird weather, right?

Steamy, hot, humid weather in the summer? Check. Bitterly cold weather in the winter? Check. Tons of snow-- sometimes in the spring? Check. And severe weather, including tornadoes, 10 days before Christmas? Also check (this year, anyway.)

And our ability to not only survive but thrive, when the temperature dips well below the zero mark on the thermometer is something about which we're especially proud here in this neck of the woods.

It's just that attitude that was on full display over the weekend, thanks to a post on the National Weather Service (NWS) Twin Cities office Twitter page. They were responding to a message the Corpus Christie, Texas National Weather Service office posted on their Twitter page about how 'cold' it was going to be there. Here's what it said:

Don't be fooled by that beautiful sunshine y'all. It may look nice out there, but that wind means business. Temperatures are in the upper 40s and 50s, but when you factor in the wind, it feels more like 30s to around 40!

Keep in mind that this post was sent Sunday morning when temperatures here in the Bold North were well below zero-- a tad bit nippier than that 30 to 40 degree 'feels like' temperatures that were affecting Texas Sunday.

So, the Twin Cities NWS office responded with, "Aw, that's cute!" and the winking emoji. And, not to be outdone, the Duluth National Weather Service responded similarly, saying, "Hey we've got beautiful, blinding sunshine too! And it's finally warmed to a balmy 0°F!"

It's always good to keep a sense of humor when dealing with sub-zero Minnesota weather, right? Speaking of cold, part of the reason we take such pride in our ability to withstand such temperatures is because many of the coldest cities in the country are right here in the North Star State. Keep scrolling to see which ones made the list!

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