Rochester doesn't have much for teens to do, but at least we have their favorite restaurant.

Growing up, I'd probably say that my generation loved McDonald's the most.  I mean, we really didn't have anything else so it was either McDonald's or nothing, and we NEVER ate there more than once a month.  Kids today have a lot more options and money to spend on food and the Gen Z crowd picked their favorite place to eat.  Lucky for the teens in Rochester, it is a restaurant we actually have.

Piper Sandler just published their 40th semi-annual survey after speaking with 9,800 teens.  The Gen Z crowd showed quite a few interesting facts about themselves including some brand preferences.

7 Things Generation Z Loves The Most

Now, where is the Gen Z crowd eating?  They have a favorite restaurant.  In fact, this restaurant has been their favorite the past 6 surveys - Chick-fil-A.  It took some time but Rochester eventually got on board with the trends and got one of these popular spots.  Based on this survey and the people I heard in the drive-thru recently yelling "chicken!  I need my chicken!", I'd say that was a good move.

All the research and the entire survey that reveals Gen Z's favorites can be found here.  If you own a business or are curious about what your teens like, it is something you should take a look at because I thought it was pretty interesting.  Might help with figuring out some Christmas gifts for your teens too!

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