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Every morning a co-worker comes into work cheery, maybe a little sleepy (mom of three kids), and ready to take on the day. Except in the spring, when her allergies act up. Then "take on the day" turns into "((sniffle)) Good mordig ((itchy watery eye rub)) it's time for...((head clunks on counter)).

Like most of us with allergies to pollen, spring in Minnesota is beautiful, hope inspiring, and miserable. "But can't you take pills?" Sure. And I do. And she does. But still...allergies suck big ugly pollen covered rocks.


I checked with the Mayo Clinic and found out there's one "trick" I'm not doing to keep the allergies away.


Sure, I use AC at work, but at home, nope. Not unless it's super hot. But, according to the Mayo News Network, I should be turning that AC up! Had no idea it was something that could help control allergies.

If you watch the video, you'll see Dr. Gonzalez talk about what causes the allergic reaction (your body is trying to get the pollen outta there!), and how avoiding or limiting exposure is the easiest thing to do.

"Obviously, you can't live in a bubble, but air conditioning is going to be your friend...So keep your air conditioning on in your car, in your house." (Mayo News Network)

There it is. My guilt free ticket to keeping the AC running at a low ebb in my apartment.



Oh, and one more trick. Change out of your pollen / allergen covered clothes when you come inside and shower before sleep. Get all that pollen off you. Could make a nicer night sleep for you, and your family.

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