Are you looking to find a little inner peace and calm? What are some things you can do to unclutter, de-stress and find that peace?

Party of Five

I gotta tell ya, I set my alarm pretty early. It's set to go off thirty-five minutes before I have to get the kids up to start getting ready for the bus and school. First thing is to let Maize out. I make sure she has fresh water and maybe a little something to eat. Then I grab a glass of milk and read. Some mornings I'll do whatever dishes are still in the sink. Or I'll start a load of laundry. Or, I'll just bask in just how quiet and peaceful the house is before the Loud and the Chaos starts when everybody is up.

We do loud at our house.

A psychology teacher in California gave his students a list of things to do to de-stress. Some are kinda generic and vague; some are pretty specific. Here are some of the cool ones from the list.

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    Look up at the stars.

    It Helps put things in perspective.

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    Stop trying to "fix" other people

    There's only ONE Dr. Phil.

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    Say "No" more often

    You can say no without disappointing others and crushing their dreams like Simon Cowell does. Don't over commit yourself.

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    Don't rely on your memory

    Write stuff down if you need to remember it.

    Actually going through the action of making yourself a reminder note is probably better than making a note in your smart phone.

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    Get up 15 minutes earlier

    Make sure you're getting enough sleep, though.

    Justin Sullivan