The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced the twelve finalists for this year's induction, November 10th. What is THE most unusual nominee?

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I'm just a big kid. I don't wanna grow up!

This is just too cool. The annual nominees for induction into The National Toy Hall of Fame have been announced! What does it take to make it into the Hall of Fame? The criteria is defined as toys that have been popular for decades, along with random things that kids just like to play with.

Among this year's dozen nominees are the board game Clue, coloring books and swings, Fisher-Price Little People, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Uno...and

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Who doesn't just LURVE Bubble Wrap?
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...bubble wrap.

Wait, what now? Bubble wrap is up for induction into The National Toy Hall of Fame?! Just WHO nominated bubble wrap? I mean, I LOVE bubble wrap - who DOESN'T love bubble wrap? Believe it or not, Cardboard Box was inducted in 2005; Blanket was inducted in 2011.

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I don't remember Cardboard Box or Bubble Wrap being very much help in the Toy Story films. Now, to be fair, Cardboard Box did have a non-speaking role, as what Andy's toys were all put in. But as far as action goes, not so much. I think Bubble Wrap's appearance may have been either a deleted scene or planned, but then edited out of the final version. Maybe for a Toy Story 5. "Bubble Wrap Adventure"!

So it comes down to this: Bubble Wrap is gonna have to duke it out with the likes of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots for a spot next to Stick and Frisbee. Right now, Dungeons and Dragons has 80.6% of the vote, with 9,586 votes; Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots has 192 votes; Uno 146 votes. Bubble Wrap only has 142 votes. It's going to be a long campaign for Bubble Wrap to the Hall of Fame. Hopefully it won't get caught gambling, cheating or lying and get a ban for life from induction.

Good luck bubble wrap, we're all rooting for you!

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