I was excited to attend my first Family Service Rochester Denim, Diamonds, and Dueling Pianos, but then Coronavirus wrought havoc with non profit fundraisers, and it was delayed 'til June. Totally cool, I'll wait 'til June.

Then I saw an email from Family Service Rochester and I was worried DD and D was cancelled...but it is NOT. This Meals On Wheels fundraiser has been moved from terra firma to the virtual world.

Here's the info, straight from Brenda Chilman at FSR...

Our Meals On Wheels COVID-19 food response fundraiser is a four-day, online event that will support our expanded meal services. Starting on Thursday, June 4 and concluding on Sunday, June 7, the event will include a virtual silent auction, games, and featured guests.

The money raised will help their Meals on Wheels program. And, make sure you're sitting down here because I'm about to surprise the heck out of you...the demand for Meals on Wheels has grown hugely in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.! According to Chilman,

  • The traditional Meals on Wheels program has grown by 50%.
  • At the same time, they're delivering additional meals and food for Meals on Wheels recipients to build a reserve of food.
  • FSR is delivering to high risk homeless, sheltered by Olmsted County and persons quarantined awaiting COVID-19 test results from Mayo Clinic.
  • FSR is providing support to Channel One/Rochester Public Schools food box distributions at drop sites and other locations.
  • FSR is distributing donations from local groceries to residents in their neighborhoods and living centers.

So...the need is obviously great, and if you're already a ticket holder, you'll gain early access to the silent auction and games and a special thank you bag delivered to your home.

If you'd like to be a part of the VIRTUAL event, or if you need your money back,  just email by clicking HERE.

March 27, 2021 is the new date for the original Denim, Diamonds, and Dueling Piansos where we'll all be able to see each other face to face and enjoy chef’s tables, auctions and more.

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