The Rochester, Minnesota UPS Driver that was caught on camera jumping around just won $10,000!

Way back in March, this really amazing story happened that went a bit on the viral side, all because a guy in Minnesota was caught on camera jumping around while working for UPS.  Well, that guy just scored $10,000 from Planters.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Who is the UPS guy that was caught jumping around?

His name is Jason Gruhlke and he is one of the many amazing UPS drivers that are working hard every day to deliver our packages.  He's a dad too and that's why when he saw the hopscotch on the driveway with the kids nearby, he just had to take a few jumps as he went back to his truck.  Who knew that those few jumps would lead to an amazing cash gift of $10,000.

If you missed the interview that Jason did with us on Y-105FM, go ahead and check it out below and hear how he was handling the fame, a bit about his life as a dad, and what he said about putting smiles on peoples' faces.

Jason is one of 5 Minnesotans who will be receiving the $10,000 gift from Planters

Not sure if you've heard but Plantars is moving to Minnesota.  They just joined up with Hormel, the Minnesota-based company that is located in Austin, Minnesota.  According to their website, as part of its promotional campaign, "Mr. Peanut is distributing $5 million nationally, mostly in the form of $10,000 “Little Acts of Substance” checks to nonprofits and individuals involved in charitable acts."  The company will be handing out a total of 10 checks in Minnesota.  5 of those will be going to nonprofits and 5 will be going to "Minnesotans who add substance to their community".

I didn't know that Jason was getting this amazing gift but if you missed this big moment like I did, take a second and watch the video that KAAL put together and hear how Jason will be spending the surprise gift of cash.

Do you know another good news story that should go viral?

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Although jumping around and playing hopscotch isn't typical for a UPS driver, that was amazing customer service that was caught on camera.  Check out these other 25 people and place in Rochester that were recommended as having the best of the best in town for their customers.  And, if someone is missing on this list that you think deserves recognition, find me on Facebook and let me know!  (I'll make it easy for here to find me on Facebook)

Top spots in Rochester with amazing customer service!

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