Thursdays Downtown has been Rochester's premier summer event for over a decade. Tens of thousands of people flock to the downtown area each Thursday during the summer to enjoy great music and food. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 there won't be any crowds this year - the weekly event will primarily take place online.

Monika Kopet, Rochester Downtown Alliance Director of Events and Strategic Partnerships, admits that it won't be the same, “The atmosphere of an in-person Thursdays Downtown is something that can’t be replicated through a virtual event. That occupies a special place in people’s memories, and we want to preserve the integrity of the event. With Virtual Thursdays Downtown, we’re creating accessible options that make people feel safe no matter how they choose to participate, whether they shop our virtual market, view our online entertainment, or enjoy a ‘Thursdays’ special from a restaurant patio downtown.”

The RDA explains "Virtual Thursdays Downtown" will feature a virtual market that will allow you to search and purchase handmade arts & crafts, jewelry, and décor, online entertainment each Thursday at 7 p.m. + pop-up performance in downtown locations.

The first three weeks of entertainment include:

  • June 18: Hair of the Dog
  •  June 25: The D’Sievers
  • July 2: Six Mile Grove

Food and drinks have always been a huge part of Thursdays Downtown and this year will be no different. They promise special deals throughout the summer from downtown restaurants.

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