This is great! Check out this tweet from Fox Sports Carolinas during last night's Hurricanes game. We are familiar with the setup, it looks like this is the host breaking down the game for viewers. But if you look to the hosts right, our left, notice the guy carefully swiping that guy's ice cream cone! 

Here is the GIF of the theft that is making the rounds online this morning!

How bold! That ice cream owner is so engrossed in his phone he barely noticed the theft.
Image Credit: @CanesOnFSCR via Twitter
Image Credit: @CanesOnFSCR via Twitter

The incredulity of it all! On closer look, this looks like a set up as the thief simply ducks behind the man whos ice cream he stole. Here is another less GIF-y look at it.  

It's a nice bit. My guess is that something like this happens very soon on the next Wild telecast.

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