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Can't believe it's been a year...but here we are in Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I'd like to share a story I did last year with a super important message. Here's the best way to help someone in a violent relationship.


(OCTOBER 2019) This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and after a conversation with Jeannie Thompson, from Women's Shelter and Support Center in Rochester, here's what I learned about helping someone in a violent relationship.

Don't tell them what to do. 

They already get a ton of judgment. Plenty of people, some very well-intentioned, tell them what to do. But, as with so many things, listening more than you talk, creates a safe space around you. Jeannie Thompson says people move on their own schedule and it's better to let that play out because forcing the issue could very well lead to tragedy.

Let your friend know you're there for them, give them space to be themselves, and when they're ready, have them call the Women's Shelter and Support Center to make a plan. That number is (507) 285-1010. There's someone there 24 hours a day to help make a plan to leave safely.

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