Over the past few nights in Richfield, Minnesota residents have heard a terrifying sound in the middle of the night. Richfield resident Kenani Ali says that she and her roommate have heard this noise every night for four nights in a row.

Kenani told Bring Me the News that at first, it would happen at about 11 PM, but lately, it's been happening between 3 and 4 AM. Take a listen to this yourself:

Now imagine hearing that in the middle of the night! Absolutely horrifying!

There are a few different speculations about what animal this could possibly be. Scott Noland is a wildlife manager with the Minnesota DNR. He told Bring Me the News that it's possible this is the scream of a red fox. Scott said typically they make this noise during mating season, but that's in February. The possibility is that because of the time of year it could be making this noise "'if they're threatened by a coyote or they're just communicating their territory.'"

Other theories include young barred owls or raccoon screams. But nothing has been officially confirmed to my knowledge. What do you think the noise is? Take a listen to what people think this noise could be and you be the judge.

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