Invest in some of those hand warmers because it looks like you are going to need them if you are going out trick-or-treating for Halloween in Southeast Minnesota.

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What's the Weather for Halloween Night in Rochester, Minnesota?

My kids are planning on going out to a few neighborhoods to grab some free candy from strangers and since I'll be right there ready to grab all of their Snickers to keep them safe, I needed to mentally prepare for how cold my body will get.  I took a peek at the weather and thought I'd help you mentally prepare too and maybe give you time to find those Cuddle-duds because you are going to need them.

Here's the Halloween forecast for Rochester, Minnesota according to

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Jessica Williams -

A few helpful links for Halloween fun in Southeast Minnesota

Quite a few questions have been posted on different Facebook groups about a hundred thousand times all asking the same things.  Instead of posting those questions one more time, check out the links below with all sorts of helpful Halloween info around the Rochester, Minnesota area.  (And, the next time you see these questions pop up on those groups again, just point them to our free app - we shared all of these quite a bit ago and sent these stories directly to thousands of devices in the area.)


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What are the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Rochester, Minnesota?

Did you know that we have people in town that have cotton candy machines, haunted mazes set up in their yards and garages, and some places are even giving out books?  It's true.  Scroll through the list below to see some of the best spots in Rochester for trick-or-treating this year.

Best Neighborhoods in Rochester, Minnesota for Trick-or-Treating

If you are looking for a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating in Rochester, Minnesota, just check out these streets and neighborhoods for a fun Halloween!

Huge List of Halloween Trunk or Treat and Family-Friendly Events in Southeast Minnesota

If you are looking for a fun and safe Halloween event for your kids this year, check out this huge list of trunk or treats and fun, family-friendly events happening in Rochester and throughout Southeast Minnesota!

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