Now that Summer's over, what are some things that your dog needs you to do?

Popi, can we talk? There's some things I need you to do now that Summer's over.

In case you missed it, the First Day of Fall was last Thursday. I know, I know, some weeks just blur into one day with work and kids in school. Life happens. But now that there's a pretty regular Fall routine, there's some things your dog needs you to do.

We have a nine-year old Basset, Maize. Bassets have long, floppy ears that kinda drag around like Swiffer dusters. From time to time she needs to have her ears checked and cleaned. It's not easy at all to get her to lay down and stay still for an ear cleaning, but it's an important routine.

Another thing is to trim her nails and check her paw pads for redness.

Now that the seasons are changing though there are a few other things to do, too. A bath is not a bad idea. Depending how often you do that for your dog during the summer it's a good thing to get rid of all the dust and dirt and parasites. If your dog's been outside a lot during the summer, after a good shampoo, use a conditioner for skin that maybe has seen too much sun.

It's a good idea to check for fleas and ticks and maybe change that flea collar.

The Number One thing your dog needs you to do is to comb their hair. Give their coat a good brushing. Smooth out that matted coat.

I don't know any dog that won't relax and lay still for a good brushing!

Justin and Maize.