Almost exactly four years ago, Mayo bought the old Lourdes building for just under $6 million dollars. So, are  there plans for it yet?

A recent article in the Rochester Post Bulletin There are no plans. Mayo's doing maintenance, and employees are using the parking lot, but other than that. Nope. Nothing's going on.

What could they do with it? Well, with DMC (Destination Medical Center) bringing all sorts of new to the downtown area, maybe it'll be torn down for something new. Or, converted.

I have a love for old school buildings, so I'd be all in favor of turning it into a living space. Many towns have done that, tho, honestly, the whole building doesn't have the charm of the original 1940's section. Keep that, tear down the rest and add regular condo stuff?

I don't know, I'm not a developer. But I do know it's on the edge of so much living space, another condo development would fit right in.


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