We are starting off the 2020 year and we are all thinking about getting healthier, adding some more exercise in...but were we really all that bad "health-wise" in 2019?  I went to scope out the answer and was a bit shocked at what I found out.

Living in a state where we basically hibernate for a good 4 months and never see our neighbors unless we are all shoveling our driveways, I thought that we might be on the hefty side of things when it comes to weight.  We don't live in a sunny state where we can just go out for a jog and not worry we will fall flat on our butt due to ice.  We also seem to be lovers of cheese, wine, beer, and chocolate, and I have never seen those items on the "low fat" list.

With all of the elements that keep us indoors for many months, I was a bit shocked at how Minnesota ranked in the "Fattest States in America" list.  According to Wallethub.com, Minnesota came in as the 46th fattest state in America.  The only states that were better than us were California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Utah.

I know you are wondering, "What is the fattest state in America?".  Well, that would be our friends over in Mississippi.  But, Iowa isn't falling too far behind them and are ranked as the 14th out of all of the US.

Take a look at where all of the states fall and also a few other fun facts about each state here.

I know exercising outside in the winter is a tough one, especially if you don't have the equipment to ski.  I did find a fun beginner class for cross country skiing though and you can rent the equipment for just $5!  Click here to learn more and get signed up.

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