A familiar face and smile at ABC 6 News, Cindy Morgan, shared the following message on social media today:

After 4 years of setting my alarm clock for 1:30 am, next week will be my last.
I've decided I need a new challenge. (And and more sleep!) I've accepted an offer to be a part of the MN Dot Public Relations Team. There are so many things I love about ABC 6 News, but this change is for myself and my family.
Thank you to everyone who accepted me into your homes and hearts. I enjoyed meeting everyone of you who came up to me at the grocery store, messaged me on messenger or reached out through email. I truly love to talk with people and I hope you'll continue to say hi to me.

I personally wish you the best and thank you for being a smile to me the past few years.  It has been a pleasure learning about the weather from you, collaborating with you on a few different adventures, and I know great things are in your future

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