What would you do if the police came to your door and said, "I'm sorry...a neighbor complained about you having a dog on the banned breed list, the dog has to leave the city." Think it'll never happen? Wrong. It's happening right now.

The story, from Fox 59, is that Dan Tillery adopted Sir Wiggleton after 100 days in a Detroit animal rescue shelter. Dan took a picture of Sir Wiggleton when the dog had a big ol'smile on his face and that picture made national news (see it below)!

Well, that was last week. This week, Tillery learned he can't keep the dog where he lives.

Police showed up and told him the city has a pit bull ban, so the dog has to go. Dan's renamed him Diggy and doesn't want to give him up, but faces a fine if he doesn't.

(Fox 59The city insists that Diggy is a violation of their dangerous dog/pit bull ordinance. For that reason, Diggy will have to leave the city or Tillery could be fined $500.

The city has had the ordinance for years , and it states that it’s the officers discretion to decide whether or not the dog is a pit bull.

According to a press release, if Diggy isn’t out of the city by today, Tillery will receive a citation. Tillery says he will fight the citation because it is a case of mistaken identity.