I'll bet you and I break this law at least 1/2 the time we use a crosswalk. We don't mean to, we just don't know, right? Exactly. And now that I know its the law, I am going to do my darndest to...

Cross the street walking on the RIGHT side of the crosswalk.

That's the law. That's the rule. Totally makes sense, since we drive on the right, we should walk to the right no matter which direction we're going. Otherwise, it is chaos! Like when people try to get on the elevator before everyone gets off. Pretty soon you're bumping into people, you get all turned around, and you end up on the colonoscopy table being told to take deep breaths!

The RDA presents Pedestrian Safety Week, which is why you're seeing the cool HEADS UP signs everywhere. According to the RDA...

Pedestrians and motorists are equally responsible for pedestrian safety. The goal of Heads Up! Pedestrian Safety Week is to increase safety for pedestrians in Downtown Rochester by providing information and increasing knowledge about current traffic safety laws.

James Rabe - TSM Roch
James Rabe - TSM Roch

Aside from the cool signs, one of the most noticeable features of Heads Up! Pedestrian Safety Week would be the Community Crossing Guards! This afternoon and then every morning and afternoon this week, there will be crossing guards at the intersection of 2nd Street SW and 1st Avenue SW. 

I'll be out there Friday from 4:30 to 5:30! If you're driving, gimmie a li'l beep ((beep)) and if you're walking, say "Boogie Children" and I'll give you a prize (while supplies last).

For safety tips and the week's schedule of events, get your click on HERE.

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