I was in the car with my friend Emily, on our way to Whistle Binkies, and we passed Channel One. Someone with bags of food was getting into a burgundy BMW. Just a beautiful car. Emily is an incredibly sweet, kind, lover of all humanity...but not at that moment.

"I hate it when people take advantage of the system! There are poor people that need that food, if she can afford a BMW, she can afford her own food!"

I've heard that a lot. A. Lot. At Kwik Trip, in Hy-Vee, all over the place. But I knew something Emily didn't know. The owner of the car. It belongs to an older guy in Rochester who volunteers a lot. He loves to drive, so he gives people rides all over town.

What Emily thought is pretty common. It doesn't mean you're a bad person or anything. Most of the time, the person goes with the car But having volunteered a bunch at Channel One, there's always more to the story. Fraud with food banks and food shelves is pretty low, it's far more likely they're not cheating the system. So, please, cut 'em some slack, please.

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