This house will always have a special place in my heart.  My family is one of many that has been helped at a Ronald McDonald House...and so I understand just a bit of how important the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester is to families in our area.

In the last five years, over 5,000 families have been turned away due to a lack of rooms at the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester.  Imagine that for a second...5,000 families that have asked for help in a time when they needed it most, and it wasn't available.

Mayo Clinic doesn't seem to be shrinking anytime soon so obviously, more rooms were needed in our community.  The Ronald McDonald House recently had a huge expansion project to help provide more guest rooms and community spaces for the families that are visiting to help with this need.  They originally had 42 guest rooms available and today have 70, along with community spaces, including play areas for kids inside and outside.

The community has been a big part of this expansion - donations, volunteering, and even being asked to sign the big beam that was going to go into the expansion!  I know that many of us would drive by on 2nd Street as the project was being worked on just to see how it was going.

But did you know that there were cameras set up the entire time?  Check out the amazing time-lapse video of the entire expansion project at the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester.

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