Another store has put a sign up in their window at the Apache Mall and has announced that they are closing.

Motherhood Maternity, located near JC Penney's, is the latest store to be closing up shop in Rochester.  If you are in need of some maternity clothing, hurry in soon and grab the discounts that are happening right now.  The latest closing date that I've heard through the mommy groups chatter is mid to late December.

Motherhood Maternity Closing - JW Townsquare Media
Motherhood Maternity Closing - JW Townsquare Media

Last I checked, their website and Facebook page spoke nothing about the closing.  The sign is up though in the store and the signs stating the discounts are hanging from the ceilings.

This is sad news for mommas, because there really isn't a great selection of maternity clothes in stores.  To be honest, our bodies are changing so fast when we are pregnant that it is hard to buy online because our sizes are all over the place...and continue to get bigger.

I remember.  Back in the day, when I had a baby in my belly, this was my store.  I shopped at this store all the time because there were not many stores that sold maternity clothes that also had some taller options.  The clothes were cute and comfy and felt so much better than some of the other "blanket" options out there.  I had those ugly clothes and honestly, they made me look like I was now carrying an elephant in my belly rather than an infant.  I quickly put those in the donate pile as soon as I found Motherhood Maternity.

As their signs states, you can visit the other Motherhood Maternity locations or shop with them online 24/7 at

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