We've seen this kind of scam before, most recently over Mother's Day when we saw several Facebook coupons that offered up amazing deals.

Everything from Lowe's to Bed Bath & Beyond were supposedly dishing out dynamite deals for mom. However, all those turned out to be false.

That's why this crazy good Aldi coupon also looked too good to be true: 

Turns out it's been making the rounds on social media recently, promising $75 off any purchase of $80 or more if you use it by June 30.

Sounds like one heck of a deal on groceries right?


According to this site, representatives have confirmed that it is indeed a scam, mostly because Aldi never gives out online coupons. Aldi only gives out paper coupons that come in mailers or at events. If you find it online, it’s a lie.

These type of fraudulent posts are designed to trick Facebook users into promoting the same scam to their friends and supplying their personal information on shady competition websites.

If you still are questioning a hard copy coupon you receive, Aldi says call their customer service line and just ask. You can also get more information HERE


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