Will you be shooting off Minnesota purchased fireworks this year? Today Representative Jason Rarick's bill to allow bottle rockets, firecrackers, and other aerial and audible devices (fireworks!) goes up for a vote (see what I did there?).

In an MPR story last month, Rarick, from Pine City, said his bill allows local government officials to set their own rules for fireworks, if they choose.

“Any jurisdiction, whether it be city, township, county, they have the ability to restrict sale or use,” Rarick said.

In this MinnPost story from July of last year,

“If you drive around on the Fourth of July, you’ll see people shooting off fireworks everywhere even though they’re illegal,” Rarick said. “That means Minnesota is losing out on sales tax and jobs.”

A report from 2011 says the state would collect about $3 million in tax revenue if legalization occurred. Rarick says newer estimates put that number even higher, perhaps as much as $5 million, meaning tens of millions in revenue and profits are up for grabs.

Lots of law enforcement, fire departments, and safety experts pose the bill

What do you think? Are we responsible enough to use the fireworks safely or are we just a bunch o'dough-heads that'll burn it all down?