Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  Four family members were arraigned Friday as suspects in Wednesday night’s incident involving an Olmsted County deputy who was trying to apprehend a man who fled after a routine traffic stop.  

The Sheriff’s Office says the deputy began chasing 38-year-old Fernando Garcia-Davila through a southeast Rochester residential neighborhood when he was confronted by a man who knocked him to the ground. The deputy got up and caught up with Garcia-Davila. That’s when he was confronted by the man who had knocked him to the ground and three females, who tried pulling him off Garcia-Davila. At one point, the deputy was put in a chokehold and nearly passed out. He eventually apprehended Garcia-Davila, who is now facing new charges.

Also charged Friday were his 59 year old mother Maria Del Socorro Davila-Garcia, his 30 year old brother Angel Garcia-Davila and two other family members. One is 19 year old Gloria Selena Garcia Garza. The other is an unidentified 15 year old female.

All are facing felony and other charges.

Garcia-Davila’s brother is accused of being the person who choked the deputy.

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