It could either be used to save your life or you could someone else's life. It's an app called "Vigilante." From what I gathered from the video, here's how it works:

  • It provides subscribers with 24/7 updates on crimes that are in progress
  • Gives you access to reported crimes
  • It will broadcast live video on your social media pages from the scene
  • It also includes a search map of past crime incidents

Check it out.

Where this might get a little hairy is, in part of the video, they show a guy speeding down the road. That could be a little dangerous but I think it's a great idea for when the police can't be there right away. There's safety in numbers, right. So if you get enough people that show up to help you until the police do arrive, all the better.

You have to sign up for the service and it's not available in our area just yet. It's expected that it will launch in other cities next year.