Rochester, MN  (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester City Council today discussed the possibility of changing the way residential garbage is currently collected and agreed more information is needed before making any decisions.

Councilmember Michael Wojcik made the proposal, saying other cities have gone to a districting collection program while others have selected one hauler to serve all customers. Wojcik says those two methods have led to lower residential bills and less wear and tear to city streets.

The Council was told by Public Works Director Richard Freese that haulers have succeeded in winning approval from the legislature to increase the weight their trucks can haul and this has been affecting Rochester’s streets. Freese will lead the effort in getting information for the Council, including input from the city Energy Commission and waste haulers.

A hauler who attended the meeting told the council the process of setting up districts can be difficult and time consuming - and any savings to customers may not be that significant because of higher local waste disposal fees. It may be months or longer before the council receives information that could lead to a decision.

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