Science says you should really STOP smiling when you have your picture taken! Here's why.

According to Canadian researchers, the reason we all look OLDER in pictures when we SMILE, is because we're all more wrinkly. Yeah! So take a look at the pictures of yourself where you're smiling. That's what the researchers in Canada did. They took a bunch of pictures of people where they're smiling. They showed those pictures off to complete strangers. Those people added at least a year or more, based on how wrinkly they looked.

So how do you take years off your looks in pictures?


According to the study, if you look like you've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you'll look much younger. Looking surprised flattens out all those wrinkles. So, here's the thing, remember when you pose for a picture, go for a more candid, natural surprised look. Like you're not really posing. Maybe kinda like Macaulay Culkin in front of the mirror in Home Alone.

Now that's a family portrait I'd love to see!

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