It was loud...awesome...and had a moment where a drummer defied gravity.  Yes, I'm talking about the battle that took place at John Marshall High School Wednesday night between Century High School, John Marshall High School, and Mayo High School.

This is probably one of my favorite nights in Rochester.  Drumlines, loudness, and helping out charities were all happening in one place.  Three high schools got together again on Wednesday night and showed their skills as they helped put on a great show and raise money for the charities that their schools are helping this year.  A few of the nonprofits on that list this year are Santa Anonymous, Bear Creek ServicesBrighter Tomorrows, Dorothy Day Hospitality House and the Women’s Shelter of Rochester.

The students at all of the high schools had so much energy and that might have been my favorite part to watch.  Except...there was one other moment where a drummer decided that gravity was no match for his playing skills.

Watch the video of Elijah Tan from Century High School playing the drums UPSIDE DOWN!  Click here to watch it if you can't see it below)

Talking with parents in the audience from all the schools, and even a few teachers, the one comment that I heard from every single person was, "They all did great!".  So true.  In fact, all of the bands came together for one last song.  You can see that by clicking here.

If you've got a high schooler that gave a few coins or dollars, made some cookies, or even dressed up for the fun days these last few weeks for all the charities, please tell them thanks from me!

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